Fuelled by Fury

It’s been so long. I apologise!

This is what has brought me out of my hibernation today. My fitspo facebook friend ‘liked’ this picture and it sparked a response I would never normally post the likes of. But it’s early. And my baby’s sleeping. And she’s beautiful at eight months old. And I never want her to look at something like this and feel that maybe she’s not good enough or maybe that what’s aspiration looks like.

Here’s the pic:


And here’s my comment. It’s nothing like anything I would usually post in facebook, and no doubt someone will make a post suggesting I’m jealous or insecure about myself… Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

Yes, you can see she’s dedicated by the expression on her face. Oh, no, wait. She hasn’t got a face. Or in fact anything other than a disembodied, oiled up stomach with a hint of boobs – and don’t forget the suggestively posed thumb in the knickers. Save your weak soft porn and stop dressing it up as ‘Fitspiration’..