These Are The Lines Of A Story – Mary Martin Wiens

I discovered this blog article today, and it moved and inspired and calmed me — BWG

These Are The Lines Of A Story


Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Body Image



I need this today as I’ve worked hard all week to be careful about what I eat, and been very diligent about small bouts of exercise here and there. I’m bordering on a CFS attack, can feel the headache lurking, and it’s been difficult to balance my need to be healthy and in good condition to look after my little ones, and trying to recover my body from my pregnancy shape. If I’m honest, I want to lose seven pounds to get to a nice weight for me, fourteen to get to a size which I had last summer and made me feel a confidence I’d not had for a long time. I really enjoyed wearing dresses and just throwing any old clothes on then, safe in the knowledge that they would probably look great and not show up the bits of me that I’m insecure about. I know the weight will come off slowly and surely, if I maintain a clean diet and add in little activities, but seeing exactly the same weight on the scales today as I saw last week (I try to only weigh myself once a week) was a bit depressing. Which is why this link from Pretty Pear Bride brightened my day a bit and I thought it worth sharing. My favourite bit is point four – focus on accomplishments that have to do with who you are as a person, not what you look like. Lately, I have returned a wallet to someone who had lost it in the street, encouraged an elderly man who was struggling to walk to take my place in the queue at the health centre, and tried to post positive comments online, avoiding any negativity or gossip. Surely that has to be worth more in the long run than losing that half a pound I was secretly hoping for? Have a happy weekend — BWG

Positive Body Image (thank you, Jennifer Lawrence et al..)


This made me smile, and appreciate the fact that there are talented, high-profile people out there willing to confront the ‘ideal body shape’ myth. I’d have liked there to be a couple of men on there, but maybe I’ll find some great quotes from them some other time. Enjoy! — BWG

29 Celebrities Who Will Actually Make You Feel Good About Your Body