I’m a married mid-thirties mother of two fantastic little children – a nearly five-year-old boy, and a two and a half year-old girl. I used to be a teacher and a football/soccer coach, before life threw a curve ball my way and set me the challenge of living with CFS. This year is my tenth anniversary of trying to live a more accepting and constructive life. I like to write and communicate, and feel passionately about the creation of a society in which people can feel happy in themselves. This blog is my attempt to contribute a little towards that. 


6 thoughts on “About

    • I love your blog! The strategies for coping with stress are excellent, I especially have to keep reminding myself to breathe.. which sounds ridiculous, but I often catch myself doing very shallow breathing, which inevitably leads to that horrible headache. Yoga and meditation have been great with overcoming it. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes, thank you for commenting!


    • Thank you! I’ve had a discouraging few weeks, so it’s a lovely surprise to see someone not only seeing the blog but taking the time and effort to leave a comment – thank you for making my day and enthusing me again! Happy October to you 🙂


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