Fighting the fight.

I’m quite a passionate person when it comes to certain things – equal opportunities, education and religious tolerance for a start. But this blog has been created in direct response to one passion in particular: the absolute conviction that nobody should have to spend their life feeling negative or ashamed about their body.

A couple of things have happened recently to bring this into focus for me, the first of which was the birth of my daughter in March. The hormones and exhaustion and physical changes of pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding are extreme, and I faced a complete overhaul of the body that I once knew so well. My insecurities and desperate hope for the future led me to discover the term “fitspiration” on the Internet.

Another little catalyst is one of my Facebook friends. She’s a lovely person, kind and interesting, but in the last seven months or so, every one of her Facebook posts has been about how hard she’s working out, what she’s eating, and how much of a ‘fatty’ she is. There are selfies, so many cheeks-sucked-in selfies and there are ‘inspirational’ photos from the internet, with what she considers to be motivational phrases. It’s an interesting experience to have that come up on your newsfeed on a daily basis and hard to avoid being pulled into that mindset.

The last was finding this post.

The Six Most Shockingly Irresponsible Fitspiration Photos

Like nothing else I’d found online, this highlighted to me how irresponsible is the perfect word to use about the pressure put on people to achieve a certain body shape. Yes, it is nice to feel healthy and it’s nice to look in the mirror and feel proud of yourself, but that doesn’t come from bullying. It comes from acceptance, respect, listening to and being wise about your body, and that’s what I hope to promote with this blog. — BWG


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